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Thu, 19 February 2015

ELA Container Offshore GmbH invests in the production of 20 new Offshore Containers

As of beginning of February ELA Container Offshore GmbH produces 20 new Offshore Living Quarters and Multipurpose Rooms to be able to always react to customers’ needs at short notice. Thereby -within just one year- the Offshore-Rental-Fleet increases to 370 units, 320 of which are currently leased out throughout Europe.

Thu, 12 February 2015

ELA Container Offshore GmbH welcomes two new employees for North America / Houston, TX

ELA Container Offshore GmbH announced that two new employees have joined the company to expand its activities in North America. From the founding in August 2014 the company now counts nine employees.

Wed, 28 January 2015

ELA Container Offshore GmbH signs Main-Sponsor-Agreement with WINDFORCE

ELA Container Offshore GmbH will be the main sponsor of WINDFORCE conference and exhibition in 2015 and 2016.

Already in 2013 and 2014 ELA participated as Partial Sponsor and will now –as a Main Sponsor- obtain even more visibility.

Fri, 23 January 2015

ELA Offshore Website now available in German

From now on the content of the ELA Offshore website will be also available in German.

Up until now the Offshore Website that was launched in August 2014 was only available in English since this is the most spoken language within projects of the offshore industry. “By translating our website in German we hope to inform our national clients about our products, services and references more in-depth”, Marketing Manager of ELA Container Offshore GmbH, Katharina Pleus said.

Fri, 16 January 2015

ELA Container Offshore GmbH joins FPAL

ELA completed the qualification questionnaire and finished its profile at First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) which is an oil and gas supply chain database.

Achilles FPAL is used as a major tool by oil and gas companies to select potential suppliers and awarding contracts. ELA recently joined to provide a profile for buyers to identify and assess the company during the tender process.