ELA Offshore Toilet module with exchangeable tank container


ELA has recently completed the development and supply of a semi-autonomous offshore toilet system, featuring a 10ft sanitary room and two identical tank containers that can be used to ensure potable water supply and wastewater collection. The units were supplied including the bespoke grillage, complete with staircase and landing ensuring safe and easy access.

The 10ft container features two access doors, creating a separate male and female toilet module. Each bathroom features a cubicle and a handwash basing with mirror, the male bathroom also features a urinal. The module is insulated and fitted with a heating system, making it suitable to be deployed throughout the year.

Male toilet module
Female toilet module

Water supply comes from the tank container where a 1000L potable water tank has been installed, complete with a UV sterilisation to ensure a safe and sterile water supply. Each bathroom is fitted with its dedicated blackwater pump system, that forwards the wastewater into a second 1000L wastewater collection tank where the affluent can be stored until it can be disposed of onshore. This ensures approximately 100 sanitary visits.


Once the potable water supply is depleted, and/or the wastewater tank has reached capacity, the hoses can be quickly disconnected using the cam-lock couplings, after which the 10ft tank container can be exchanged for its twin unit. 

Exchangeable tank container

Once back onshore, the wastewater tank is emptied and cleaned, the potable water tank is cleaned and refilled and prepared for a new deployment offshore.


The installation of the toilet modules ensures a compliant sanitary arrangement, even when there are no services available. Should there be no power on-site either, one can easily deploy a generator to overcome that issue. 


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