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Offshore Container for rent and sale

Container Accommodations for Converter Platforms
Container Accommodations for Converter Platforms
Container Accommodations for Supply Vessels
Container Accommodations for Supply Vessels
Container Accommodations for Jack-Up Barges
Container Accommodations for Jack-Up Barges
Container Accommodations for Barges and Pontoons
Container Accommodations for Barges and Pontoons
Container Accommodations for Cable and Pipe Layer
Container Accommodations for Cable and Pipe Layer
Container Accommodations for Oil and Gas Platforms
Container Accommodations for Oil and Gas Platforms
10 Years ELA Container Offshore
10 Years ELA Container Offshore
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Allrounder modules onboard a vessel
Living & working spaces for offshore crews

Offshore accommodations for offshore platforms, vessels and barges

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Easy assembly of ELA Offshore containers

Plug & Play design


ELA's portable units are completely reusable over multiple decades. Since the products can be refurbished and reused, the product lifecycle is fully sustainable and the negative impact on the environment is minimized.

Certified quality

ELA Container Offshore is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified company. Depending on their area of use and purpose, the high-quality containers are certified according to ISO 10855 / EN 12079-1 / DNV2.7-1, DNV 2.7-2, DNV 2.7-3 and/or CSC.

Offshore containers by ELA Offshore – fast, flexible and ready to use

ELA Container Offshore supplies container modules especially designed for the offshore industry. Thanks to our long-term experience in building container solutions, we have succeeded in developing a wide range of offshore container types for rent and for sale.

Benefits of ELA Offshore Containers

Our mobile offshore units are available at short notice, individually customizable, fully equipped and ready for immediate use.

Whether used as accommodations to house the offshore crew, just to transport items from A to B, or fully customized to meet the exacting requirements of a specific job, offshore certified containers have proven to be a perfect space solution for offshore platforms, ships or barges. The offshore modules are designed for multi-modal transport, can be sea-fastened quickly and are stackable over multiple levels. Furthermore, offshore containers are specially coated to withstand the harsh conditions at sea.

Temporary offshore containers or long-term containerized solutions

In the offshore industry, requirements may change rapidly and one must be able to respond quickly. If you only need your containers temporary, we recommend the rental option because you only pay for what you need and as long you need it. About 80 per cent of our customers therefore prefer to rent the containers for a certain period and they are typically rented for a period of 2 to 8 months. If the period is longer than two years, you should consider whether it would make more sense to purchase the containers. For our rental offshore containers we offer a standardized solution which can be delivered and assembled as quickly as possible. If you opt for the purchase option, you can also choose our standard containers or we can build 100% bespoke containers according to your special requirements.

Turnkey delivery of offshore modules

During production the offshore containers are pre-assembled based on their final destination, so that they can be quickly connected on arrival. In case of larger container systems, appropriate markings show the erection sequence, which is immensely important for logistics. Thanks to the roadworthy size of all the individual modules, they can be easily transported to the port by truck where they can be loaded onto the ship.

Upon request we can provide a full turnkey solution, meaning that we take care of the foundation work, production of the complete infrastructure, and connection to the entire facilities system, as well as the supply of fresh water and the disposal of wastewater.

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Certifications and safety of ELA Offshore Containers

All ELA offshore accommodation modules are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 10855 / EN 12079-1 / DNV 2.7-1 and meet the basic requirements of the offshore standards SOLAS, MODU, IMO FSS, MED and SPS. These are relevant for the equipment and their functions, passive fire protection and safety as well as escape route regulations. Other certifications include DNV 2.7-2, DNV 2.7-3 and CSC for international transport. Most of our CCUs are also certified according to ISO 10855 / EN 12079-1 / DNV 2.7-1 and CSC and thus fulfil all the necessary requirements regarding their use in the offshore sector. Our ELA Offshore Light Containers only require CSC certification, as they are not designed for offshore use, but are used in the nearshore and onshore sector - on barges, pontoons or in ports.

Plug & Play design for easy installation

The ELA Offshore ‘Plug & Play System’ makes it really easy to connect the individual modules together, as well as connect them to the on-board system.

This means they can be immediately ready for use, with all the necessary power connections, water pipes if the container has a sanitary unit inside and air-conditioning unit integrated in a space-saving way and centrally accessible. The containers can thus be quickly integrated into the safety and communications system on board. We prepare the offshore containers in our factory, so that they can be assembled and fixed as quickly as possible on site. The mobile rooms are fully equipped and have so-called ‘handover points’, where they can be connected with the on-board or platform facilities‘ system.

The procedures are all clearly documented in our technical handbook that allows you and your team to complete the installation and hook-up without any issues.

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Service and support on a global scale

You can expect the highest level of support and consulting services throughout the whole project. Fast, free and optimized 3D CAD planning for all requirements and providing a detailed quotation, in a very short time, is our standard procedure. For more extensive requests, we also offer integrated, containerized potable water plant and waste water treatment systems, electrical distribution container or telecommunication container.

On request, we can offer you local service thanks to our constantly expanding network of subsidiaries and partners. Thus, in addition to the professional turnkey delivery and installation of the containers, you can also commission us for various after-sales services such as extensions and repairs - regardless of your location.

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Sustainability of reusable offshore units

Renting, leasing or buying are the business models of the 21st century. ELA Offshore Containers not only meet the requirements of offshore renewables in terms of accommodating offshore wind crews, but also in terms of sustainability.

The rental option reduces the carbon footprint and offers a more sustainable solution. Our portable offshore units can be used over multiple decades and are thoroughly checked after each use. We are realizing very high productivity through the constant reuse of the offshore containers for different purposes across a very long service life. At the same time we minimize any negative impact on the environment.

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