Container facility on supply vessel

Offshore accommodations for offshore platforms, vessels and barges

Our accommodation containers are specially designed to be used on various offshore facilities and meet all the needs for sleeping, living and working of the offshore crew on board a seagoing vessel, jackup barge or on a platform.

Lots of living space on a small footprint
Worldwide delivery with global turnkey service
For rent and sale
Designed for multi-modal transport
Coated to withstand the harsh sea conditions
Wind farm converter platform with containers
Temporary living for Wind farm crews

Accommodations for converter platforms

Accommodations for Offshore Wind farms allow crews to stay offshore for prolonged periods of time and removes variables such as transfer times and weather stoppages. Particularly in heavy weather areas or during wet seasons, the containers provide a huge benefit in comparison to daily transfers.

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Jack-Up Barge with containers
Stable constructions for any conditions

Accommodations for Jack-Up Barges

ELA Offshore containers for Jack-Up Barges withstand any vibrations caused by the raising and lowering of the hull due to their stable and robust construction.

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Supply vessel with containers
A lot of living space on a small footprint

Accommodations for all kind of Supply Vessels

On Supply Vessels, the efficient use of space on board is particularly important. 20ft ELA Offshore Allrounders, for example, provide comfortable accommodation for many crew members on a small footprint.

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Oil and Gas Platform
High comfort for longer crew stays

Accommodations for Oil & Gas Platforms

On Oil & Gas Platforms and Oil Rigs, long hours aboard are common. Thus, offshore container facilities made of, for example, 33ft ELA Offshore Containers with built-in corridors offer enough space and a high level of comfort to live and work.

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Cable and Pipe Layer
Flexible and space-saving accommodations

Accommodations for Cable & Pipe Layer

ELA Offshore accommodations for Cable & Pipe Layer provide flexible and space-saving room solutions for the operating crew on board.

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Barge with containers
Weatherproof short-term offshore stay

Accommodations for all kind of Barges

ELA Offshore accommodations for Barges withstand all weather conditions on the high seas and provide, for example, temporary living quarters for the crew on deck.

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ELA Offshore Accommodations for platforms, vessels and barges

Our offshore accommodations can be applied to a variety of facilities from the offshore market, ranging from offshore platforms and vessels of any shape and size. Since longer stays of the offshore crew are increasingly common, our accommodations make the offshore stay as pleasant as possible and can be fully equipped according to your wishes.

Accommodation systems for the offshore crew

Our 20 ft and 33 ft offshore accommodation containers can be customized and combined with each other. Thanks to the fourfold stackability of the offshore container units and our Plug & Play system, larger accommodation facilities can be quickly implemented. If desired, we can also take care of the entire installation of the container modules on your platform or vessel as part of our turnkey service. Discover our comfortable and fully equipped offshore space solutions for sleeping, living, dining and working.

ELA Offshore Accommodation Containers can be used on any offshore installation at, or above sea level and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Different offshore facilities
Offshore accommodations for platforms

When working on an offshore platform, comfortable accommodation for the crew is particularly important. As the crew spends longer periods offshore, more space is needed. We offer customized offshore space solutions for converter platforms for wind farms and oil and gas platforms as well as oil rigs. Due to the size of these offshore platforms, there is usually enough space for larger offshore accommodation facilities so that our 33ft ELA Offshore Premium Plus Container is often used. The interior corridor allows two rooms in one container. The room combinations can be realized according to the customer's needs. On large-scale operations with a large number of people that need to be accommodated on the platform, a kitchen with an open dining area is often used. The flexible room layout can either create different room solutions in a single container or open, spacious areas for crew meetings.

Offshore accommodations for vessels

Offshore vessels such as supply vessels or cable and pipe layer usually have less space available for accommodation facilities. Our 20ft ELA Offshore Allrounders offer a lot of space on a small footprint, as the containers can be stacked up to four floors high and comply with all offshore regulations. With space-saving gangway and stairway systems, complex container accommodations can be easily realized. The multipurpose containers meet all possible requirements with our extensive equipment. We can create living quarters, offices, canteens, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and even fitness rooms on the high seas according to the customer's wishes. Thanks to our Plug & Play system, the container modules on vessels can be easily linked together and connected to the existing waste water and fresh water system as well as to the communication and security system on board.

Offshore accommodations for barges

Offshore barges can vary greatly in terms of available floor space. While jack-up barges usually have a larger area for offshore crew accommodation, smaller barges and pontoons have less space for offshore housing and living. The requirements for the size of our offshore accommodations can therefore vary greatly - with our 20ft and 33ft ELA Offshore Containers we offer the right solution for a wide range of offshore barges. However, these different offshore facilities have one thing in common - the crew must be safely accommodated at sea and the containers must be able to withstand difficult weather conditions and strong hull movements. ELA Offshore container accommodations are regularly inspected and meet all standard offshore requirements. Offshore accommodation barges can also be equipped as living quarters, recreation areas or dining areas, as required, for comfortable accommodation of offshore service teams at sea.

Transportation and delivery of offshore accommodations

Using our worldwide network of logistical partners, we can deliver the offshore modules to platforms, barges or vessels anywhere in the world. For sea shipments, we use our own shipping agents. They know our products thoroughly and can provide the best possible transport prices for it.

If in stock in our rental fleet, rented containers are immediately available. For purchased containers, the delivery time depends on the number, availability and requirements of the customer if they want a customized solution.

Assembly of an offshore container on a ship
Specialist consultant on site