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We provide offshore container units for any possible application which are suitable for deployment in every offshore environment. Whether you need additional office areas, living quarters or you are looking to add workstations or cargo container - ELA Offshore Containers are individually customized, immediately operational and are available on short notice.

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Offshore container accommodations

ELA Offshore Accommodation Containers fulfil a wide range of individual needs for longer or shorter stays aboard. They are equipped with a variety of furnishings which make them applicable as comfortable living quarters, offices, dining rooms, kitchens, sanitary rooms and much more.

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Offshore container systems

In conjunction with our standardized Stairway Container all ELA Offshore Accommodation Containers can be stacked up to four units in height, if more floor space is required. The modular combinability of the containers allows for a variety of different container system configurations.

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ELA Offshore Containers for every application

We offer a wide range of containers for offshore and onshore use. Whether you need accommodation containers or complete systems to house your offshore crew, cargo containers to store material or workshop containers for work at sea, we can realize turnkey room solutions according to your needs.

ELA Offshore Containers for rent or sale

Our offshore container solutions can either be rented for temporary use or bought, which provides you long-term flexibility. Which option you choose depends entirely on how long the containers will be required.

If it is clear at the outset that the construction project will last for longer than two years, we recommend to buy offshore containers. You can also buy offshore rental containers if it turns out during the rental period that the project will take longer than two years. We can advise you on our attractive financing options. 

Standard offshore containers

To allow for the quick turnarounds and short notice mobilizations, availability is critical, which is why we have taken a standardized approach to our rental fleet. We offer our standardized offshore modules with a fixed layout to rent or buy. They are extremely functional and we can assemble all types of units easily, free of problems, and as quickly as possible.

At the heart of each product range, there is a standardized basic module that has all key systems and services pre-installed. Specific interior fittings and furniture can turn the offshore containers into various customized room solutions.

To offer the right product for each market segment, we have designed three different multipurpose offshore accommodation container types for our fleet: the ELA Offshore Allrounder, ELA Offshore Premium Plus and ELA Offshore Light. The 20ft ELA Offshore Allrounder can be used on small footprints for individual use or combined with gangways and stairways to create larger systems. The 33ft ELA Offshore Premium Plus Container is mostly used on larger platforms and has an integrated corridor for stand-alone or linkable use. The 20ft ELA Offshore Light Container is a modified container option for onshore and nearshore use.

Different accommodation container types
Bespoke offshore units for special requirements

Clients wishing to purchase usually have their own specifications. This often involves special measurements, specific configurations, certificates, company colours or use of logos. There are literally no limits to our custom-built offshore room solutions. We can modify existing CSC or DNV containers, our existing rental modules or build a 100 % bespoke solution from the ground up. Thanks to our local production facilities, they can be quickly produced to any specifications and sizes required by you. Examples of this range from the addition of doors and windows to the removal of sidewalls to create large accommodation blocks. When the standard ISO sizes do meet the requirements, custom sized one-offs are also available, with DNV certification to allow offshore lifting.

Custom-build container solution
Single containers or offshore container systems and accessories

The general design of the individual container types is always the same. It is possible to use them as stand-alone solutions, but also combined into complex systems for every possible eventuality. If more floor space is required, the containers can be stacked up to four units in height, in conjunction with our standardized 20ft ELA Offshore Stairway Containers, giving safe access to the upper floors.

The range of various fittings and a wide portfolio of accessories such as stairways, gangways and tanks can transform individual containers into a self-contained village. These modules are easy to install and deinstall with the ELA Plug & Play system.

Complex container system
ELA Offshore container types – our containerportfolio

Our offshore accommodation containers fulfil a wide range of individual needs when fully equipped. They can be used as offshore living quarters, offices, locker rooms, sanitary rooms, meeting and dining rooms, recreation areas, gyms and more and can be deployed as single containers or as a system of connected containers.

If the unit is used to transport items from shore to offshore installations e.g. platforms, so-called Cargo Carrying Units (CCU) are used. These standardized units are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, we offer a range of tanks, designed to carry and/or store fluids of all types ranging from potable water to waste water and chemicals.

The ELA Offshore Workshop Container can be fitted with everything mechanic. Workbenches, tool racks, pedestal drills, welding equipment and even a small overhead crane can be installed inside a simple container. By adding an electrical system with lighting and sockets (1P/3P) and insulation the container can be used in any situation and offers a complete workshop that can be dropped anywhere.

20ft offshore workshop container
Regular inspections of offshore modules

All our offshore containers are checked thoroughly to company standards before they are deployed. This includes testing all electrical components, ensuring adequate air circulation and testing of the wastewater and freshwater systems to name a few. All these tests are performed by our staff and completed prior to shipping the units.

In addition to our company testing protocols, we obviously have to comply with the mandatory external inspections as well. As most of the units are DNV 2.7-1 or DNV 2.7-3 certified they are re-certified annually and have NDT (non-destructive testing) at least once per 48 months. Standard testing is done by certified external parties, but should you have any particular request or requirement, we are open to third-party inspections as well.

Sizes and weight of offshore containers

Our 20ft ELA Offshore Allrounder is ideal for use on offshore vessels. This is because of the low tare weight of 7.7 t and ISO standard dimensions, so that it can be installed quickly on any vessel. Our 33ft ELA Offshore Premium Plus containers are often installed on platforms, where there is a correspondingly longer rental period. Their tare weight is with 9 t a little bit heavier as the ELA Offshore Allrounder but you get a two-in-one space solution with each container. They offer a high level of comfort and are equipped similarly to the smaller types. With the 20ft ELA Offshore Light we have created a lightweight container solution for nearshore and onshore use - on barges, pontoons or even in harbors - with a tare weight of only 4 t.

Guarantee of offshore units

As standard, the scope of our guarantee meets legal requirements. This can be extended by the client with maintenance agreements. Then we ensure permanent maintenance of all wear parts and replace them free of charge in the event of damage.

How do I order an ELA Offshore Container?

You can use our contact form, call or email us to order our offshore containers. You can also click through our container portfolio on this website and enquire directly about the offshore container you need. Before we can start planning we need to know the number of people to be accommodated, if you want to rent or buy the container and whether additional facilities, such as a gym area, or a dining area with a kitchen, are required. Once we also know how much space is available and where to deliver, we can start to plan.

Naturally, your location and whether the container is to be rented or sold also play an important role on how soon we can provide the containers. Once we have gathered all the information, we draw up a 3D illustration and an work out an informative offer as soon as possible after this. We also send you all available certificates, so that you can discuss the formalities in advance.

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