Container Protection Plan

You can also have your rented containers and accessories protected for a small fee and ELA Offshore will take care of repairing the damage.


More precise information including covered damages and customer obligations can be found here: Datasheet ELA Offshore Container Protection Plan

Customer proximity

Working with a global network of wholly-owned subsidiaries and dedicated partners, ELA Offshore is able to supply perfect service on a worldwide scale. 

Worldwide delivery

ELA Offshore is able to provide a bespoke logistics service to meet your requirements perfectly. They are able to offer a service as elaborate as a door-to-door delivery on a global scale through logistical partners, or as basic as an ex-works delivery from one of our yards across the globe. As most modules are CSC plated, they can be shipped using the global container lines at attractive rates ensuring a competitive edge over competitors.


Next to the physical aspect of the transport, we are also more than happy to assist you with the customs clearance (in- and outbound) for the equipment where required.

Turnkey solutions

ELA Offshore is happy to offer a turnkey solution for your project irrespective of your location. In addition to the delivery and assembly of the modules, the services include the provision, installation and connection of all services onboard your vessel or platform.

Consulting and planning

The ELA Offshore sales team is at your disposal 24/7 to answer all your questions and to assist you translating your requirements into a modular solution. Once all variables have been cleared with you, your ELA sales representative will be able to quickly provide you with a comprehensive quote, including a 3D CAD rendering of the suggested solution (if required).

Specialist consultant on site