Container Accommodations for Converter Platforms

Container Accommodations for Converter Platforms

Our accommodation containers are designed for converter platforms and provide temporary living and working space for changing offshore crews. The modern living quarters, office, dining or recreation container modules and more are designed to withstand heavy weather conditions on converter platforms and allow crews to stay offshore for prolonged periods of time.

High level of comfort
Fully equipped
Stackable over multiple levels
Cost and time effective
Turnkey delivery
Outfitting possibilities 33ft container
Customizable for every need

Multipurpose Offshore Accommodation for Converter Platforms

ELA Offshore Containers can be equipped for different purposes according to the customer's requirements. Our 33ft ELA Offshore Premium Plus Containers are particularly well suited for use on converter platforms for wind farms, as the interior corridor turns one large room into two cabins with different space solutions that can be combined individually.

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Container equipped as living quarter
Comfortable living and sleeping

Offshore Living Quarter for Converter Platforms for Wind Farms

ELA's Temporary Living Quarters (TLQ) provide comfortable living and sleeping spaces for wind farm crews. Our 20 or 33ft Offshore Container modules can be linked and stacked to create multi-level TLQs including sanitary units.

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Container equipped as locker room
Space-saving and tidy

Offshore Drying and Locker Container on Converter Platforms for Wind Farms

Our 33ft Offshore Container with a drying and a locker unit provides everything the platform crew needs in order to change and dry their clothes for operation on a daily basis. The Drying Room is equipped with suit dryers, air drying panels for boots and gloves and the Locker Room offers wardrobes, benches and coat hooks for up to 16 people.

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Container equipped as office
Unlimited productivity

Offshore Office and Meeting Container on Converter Platforms for Wind Farms

On converter platforms steady monitoring, communication with suppliers and performance checks are key for a successful operation. Our Offshore Office Containers for converter platforms provide all necessary power connections and storage units. In our 33ft offshore unit, the Office Container can be combined with a meeting room for coordination within the crew.

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Benefits of ELA Offshore Accommodations for Converter Platforms
High level of comfort
ELA Offshore Containers are designed to offer plenty of storage and a pleasant feeling of space.
Fully equipped
ELA Offshore TLQs and other container modules can be fully equipped with furnishings according to customer’s requirements.
Stackable over multiple levels
The containers are designed to be stacked up to four levels to create large systems on a small footprint.
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Cost and time effective
Offshore containers help to reduce total project costs and save time compared to daily transfers.
Turnkey delivery
Our service team takes care of the transport and guarantees safe assembly.
Flexibility on demand
To make them perfectly customized to your needs, the containers are available for rent and for sale.


How high can the offshore containers for Converter Platforms be stacked up?

Due to clever statics and offshore certifications our offshore containers can be stacked up to four floors in order to save space.

How is the transportation and the installation of the platform containers handled?

The offshore containers are pre-assembled according to their destination so that they can be quickly connected upon arrival. In case of larger container systems, corresponding markings indicate the assembly sequence, which is immensely important for logistics. Thanks to the roadworthy size of the individual modules, they can be easily transported by truck to the port and subsequently loaded onto the ship. The mobile rooms have so-called "transfer points" where they can be connected to the system on board or on the platform. Thanks to our plug & play design they are quickly integrated into the security and communication system as well as the water system.

What services are included when buying or renting an offshore container?

Fast, free and optimized 3-D CAD planning for all requirements and the preparation of a detailed offer in a short time is standard with us. For more extensive inquiries, we also provide integrated, complete support and wastewater systems, e-distributors and foundations for load distribution on platforms. Furthermore, we are available to our customers for after-sales services such as extensions and repairs.

How long does the ordering process usually take?

Of course, we need some information before we can plan. We need to know how many people will be accommodated at the converter platform and if additional facilities such as a fitness room or a dining area with kitchen are required. Once we know the available space and the location, the planning can start. We can create a 3-D drawing and make a quote in two hours. You can also have all available certificates so you can discuss the formalities in advance.

How can the Offshore Accommodations on Converter Platforms withstand the harsh weather on sea?

ELA Offshore Containers are special offshore coated and constructed of robust and stable material. Moreover, they are re-certified annually and have NDT (non-destructive testing) at least once per 48 months.

Why can it be worthwhile to rent Offshore Container Accommodations for my Converter Platform?

Our offshore containers are particularly suitable for short-term operations. They help reduce overall project costs in an industry that competes with traditional power generation sources. They also allow crews to be at sea for longer periods of time and eliminate variables such as changeover times and weather interruptions. Especially in areas with bad weather or during the rainy season, offshore containers offer a huge advantage compared to daily transfers.

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