Container Accommodations for Supply Vessels

Container Accommodations for Supply Vessels

Supply vessels generally must deal with small space for their employees. Therefore, the accommodation solution must save as much space as possible. That's why our offshore accommodation modules for seagoing vessels can be stacked, as they can be built upwards to save space.

Available at short notice
Fully equipped
Plug & Play
Turnkey delivery
Outfitting possibilities 20ft container
Many space solutions for living and working

Multipurpose Offshore Accommodation for Supply Vessels

Offering a perfect balance between footprint and space, our 20ft ELA Offshore Allrounder high cube containers are ideal for use on vessels. Because of the ISO standard dimensions, they can be installed quickly on any kind of offshore vessel. With our accommodation modules, many different room solutions can be realized. 

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Container equipped as living quarter
Temporary living on a high level of comfort

Offshore Living Quarter for Supply Vessels

Used as a living area, our 20ft ELA Offshore Container offers two separate cabins and a shared bathroom. This provides a high level of comfort and privacy for the user of the seagoing vessel. 

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Container equipped as office
Comfortable working places on deck

Offshore Office Container for Supply Vessels

The crew at a supply vessel needs the opportunity to communicate with the platform they supply and with any other involved party. For example, the 20ft ELA Offshore Office Containers are equipped with modern furniture for up to four people, desks with drawer units, office chairs and all necessary power connections for unlimited productivity on a containerized vessel. 

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Container equipped as locker room
Plenty of storage space for offshore crews

Offshore Locker Container for Supply Vessels

Our Locker Container is equipped with numerous lockers on both sides, in which the crew members on the vessel can store their work clothes. 

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Benefits of ELA Offshore Accommodations for Supply Vessels
Our offshore containers can be stacked up to four floors.
Available at short notice
By drawing from our large rental fleet, we can provide containers short term if needed (subject to availability).
Fully equipped
We can equip the mobile rooms according to your requirements.
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Plug & Play design
Our mobile rooms can be easily connected onboard via twistlocks and contain all required connections.
Turnkey delivery
After arrival on your supply vessel you can connect the container directly to your onboard system and the container is ready to use.
Flexibility on demand
ELA Offshore Containers are available for rent and for sale - you can decide according to your individual needs.


How can you make sure that the Offshore Containers on Seagoing Vessels withstand the heavy weather on high sea?

The offshore containers are special offshore coated and constructed of robust and stable material. Moreover, they are re-certified annually and have NDT (non-destructive testing) at least once per 48 months. 

How is the wastewater handled?

The disposal of wastewater is one of the biggest problems in offshore projects. To solve this problem, we can offer our 20ft ELA Offshore Wastewater Tank. This can be easily combined with all other 20ft ELA Offshore Accommodation Containers. Its capacity is approx. 5m², which is sufficient for about 25-30 days at a wastewater volume of 150 liters per day. 

What services are included?

We are offering a fast, free and optimized 3-D CAD planning for all requirements and the preparation of a detailed quotation in a short time. For more extensive enquiries, we also provide integrated, complete support and wastewater systems, e-distributors and foundations for load distribution on platforms. We are also available for after-sales services such as extensions and repairs. 

What is the size and the weight of a offshore container for Seagoing Vessels?

The 20ft ELA Offshore Allrounder is 6058 mm long, 2438 mm wide and 2896 mm high. It weighs 8,2 t and its tare weight is 7,7 t. The 33ft ELA Offshore Premium Plus Container has a length of 10000 mm, a width of 3000 mm and a height of 2896 mm. The weight is 9,5 t and the tare weight 9 t.  
Which offshore container you choose depends on the available space on deck and other circumstances such as the duration of the crew's stay.  

What are the uses of the Offshore Accommodations on Supply Vessels?

The offshore containers can be used as living quarters, office rooms, meeting rooms, dining rooms, kitchens as well as sanitary rooms and toilets, locker rooms, laundry rooms and drying rooms. Furthermore, they can be equipped as recreation rooms, gyms, small galleys, storage facilities and more. 

How many floors of the offshore container system are possible on a Supply Vessel?

Due to clever statics and offshore certifications our 20ft and 33ft offshore containers can be stacked up to four floors in order to save space. 

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