Container Accommodations for Barges and Pontoons

Container Accommodations for Barges and Pontoons

Our offshore container accommodations withstand harsh weather conditions due to their stable construction. They can be furnished as comfortable living quarters, gyms, meeting and dining rooms with an integrated kitchen or as laundry and locker container for the offshore crew. 

Certified for high quality
Stackable over multiple levels
Fully equipped
Plug & Play
Turnkey delivery
Outfitting possibilities 20ft container
The right room solution for every purpose

Multipurpose Offshore Accommodation for Barges and Pontoons

ELA Offshore Containers can be used on barges and pontoons to accommodate the entire offshore crew over a longer period of time. If you have less available space on deck we suggest the 20ft Allrounder Container due to its size and weight. To realize larger installations, it can be combined with our gangways and stairways. 

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Container equipped as living quarter
Fully equipped bedrooms for recreation

Offshore Living Quarter for Barges and Pontoons

The Offshore Living Containers are designed to maximize both worker safety and comfort, providing them with a home away from home on the construction site. It combines multiple safety measures to mitigate hazardous situations with comfort features that increase worker productivity. 

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Container equipped as dining room
Large spaces for social gatherings

Offshore Meeting and Dining Container for Barges and Pontoons

For example, our 20ft ELA Offshore Meeting and Dining Container is equipped with furnishings for up to 12 people, desks, chairs, wardrobes, etc. for crew gatherings. 

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Container equipped as sanitary unit
Plenty of space for daily hygiene

Offshore Sanitary Container for Barges and Pontoons

For example, the 20ft Sanitary Container can be equipped with furnishing for up to 25 people, shower units, toilets, wash basins, etc. for daily hygiene on a barge or a pontoon. 

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Benefits of ELA Offshore Accommodations for Barges and Pontoons
Certified for high quality
The containers are re-certified annually and undergo non-destructive testing (NDT) at least every 48 months.
Stackable over multiple levels
The containers are designed to be stacked up to four levels to create large systems on a small footprint.
Fully equipped
Our containers are fully equipped according to customer requirements and can be easily transported and assembled.
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Plug & Play design
The container modules can be easily connected to each other, as well as to the on-board system.
Turnkey delivery
The containers are pre-assembled, so that they can be directly installed on board.
Flexibility on demand
In case of renting, you only pay for their facilities when they are needed.


How high can the Offshore Containers on Barges and Pontoons be stacked up?

Due to clever statics and offshore certifications our 20ft and 33ft offshore containers can be stacked up to four floors in order to save space on a barge, pontoon or any other offshore facility. 

What is the maximum rental period of an ELA Offshore Container?

There is no limitation to the length of the rental period. Our offshore containers are mostly rented for a period of two to eight months. But there are also contracts with a rental period of more than one year. 

How are the offshore containers transported and installed on the Barge or Pontoon?

In production, the offshore containers are pre-assembled according to their destination so that they can be quickly connected upon arrival.  In case of larger container systems, appropriate markings indicate the assembly sequence, which is immensely important for logistics. Thanks to the roadworthy size of the individual modules, they can be easily transported by truck to the port and loaded onto the ship there. The mobile rooms have so called "handover points" where they can be connected to the system on board or on the platform. They are quickly integrated into the safety and communication system. 

How long does it normally take from the enquiry to the offer?

Of course, we need some information before we can plan. We need to know how many people will be accommodated on the barge and if additional facilities such as a fitness room or a dining area with kitchen are required. Once we know the available space and the location, the planning can start. We can create a 3-D drawing and make a quote in two hours. We can provide all available certificates beforehand, so that you can discuss the formalities in advance. 

When should an offshore container be bought and when should it be rented?

It depends on the rental period. If the period exceeds two years, you should consider whether it makes sense to buy the offshore container. If it is clear from the beginning that a construction project will take more than two years, it is always advisable to buy it. ELA can offer attractive financing options here. If you expect the project to last for more than two years during the rental period, you can also buy a rental offshore container. With the purchase of containers, there are no limits to our possibilities. We can modify existing CSC or DNV containers, adapt one of our rental modules or build a 100% customized solution from scratch. 

What services are included when buying or renting an offshore container?

Fast, free and optimized 3-D CAD planning for all requirements and the preparation of a detailed offer in a short time is standard with us. For more extensive inquiries, we also provide integrated, complete support and wastewater systems, e-distributors and foundations for load distribution on platforms. Furthermore, we are available to our customers for after-sales services such as extensions and repairs.

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