Jack-up Barges Container Accommodations

Jack-up Barges Container Accommodations

ELA’s Offshore Container Accommodations are designed to withstand heavy movements of the hull on jack-up barges. The container modules can be furnished as living quarters, offices, dining areas and feature high levels of both comfort and safety for those on board.

Ergonomically designed living space
Motion-stable construction
Stackable over multiple levels
Safety proofed
Turnkey delivery
Outfitting possibilities 33ft container
One container, many possible combinations

Multipurpose Offshore Accommodation for Jack-up Barges

ELA Offshore Containers are specially designed for offshore use and applicable for non-hazardous areas. The possible uses of the rooms are manifold. For example, a living quarter can be combined with an office room or a kitchen with a dining room.

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Container equipped as living quarter
Motion-stable and noise-insulated

Offshore Living Quarter for Jack-up Barges

ELA Offshore Living Quarters offer single or double cabin modules with integrated sanitary rooms to accommodate the offshore crew. The stable construction of the sleeper modules make them less motion-sensitive for a more restful stay.

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Container equipped as laundry
Fully equipped for daily use

Offshore Laundry and Storage Container for Jack-up Barges

Our ELA Offshore Laundry and Storage Container offers space for all necessary preparations on a jack-up barge. The Laundry Room is equipped with washing machines, dryers, wash basins, tables and wardrobes for the daily cleaning of offshore clothing. In the Storage Room, the crew's food can be stored and refrigerated.

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Container equipped as kitchen and dining room
Spacious rooms for catering and crew gatherings

Offshore Galley and Dining Rooms for Jack-up Barges

For catering of the offshore crew between operations, meals can be prepared in the specially equipped kitchen container. The Dining Container offers enough space for gatherings of the entire team.

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Benefits of ELA Offshore Accommodations for Jack-up Barges
Ergonomically designed living space
The offshore containers offer clever room layouts, space-saving furniture and sufficient space for storage.
Motion-stable construction
The stable construction withstands heavy vibrations caused by the raising and lowering of the hull.
Stackable over multiple levels
The containers can be stacked up to four times giving enough space.
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Safety proofed
ELA's Offshore Accommodations fulfil all necessary certifications for highest quality and safety.
Turnkey delivery
Irrespective of your location, our service team takes care of the delivery and upon request assembly and installation of the modules.
Flexibility on demand
To make them perfectly customized to your needs, the containers are available for rent and for sale.


How can the Offshore Accommodations on Jack-up Barges be used?

The offshore containers can be used as living quarters, office rooms, meeting rooms, dining rooms, kitchens as well as sanitary rooms and toilets, locker rooms, laundry rooms and drying rooms. Moreover, they can be equipped as recreation rooms, gyms, storage facilities and more.

When should I buy and when should I rent an offshore container?

It depends on the rental period. If the period is longer than two years, you should consider whether it would make sense to buy the offshore containers. We would always advise buying if it is clear from the beginning that the construction project will take longer than two years. We can offer attractive financing options here. You can also buy rented offshore containers if it turns out during the rental period that the project will take longer than two years. With the purchase of containers, there are no limits to our possibilities. We can modify existing CSC or DNV containers, adapt one of our rental modules or build a 100% customized solution from scratch. We are happy to advise you on this. Requirement can change rapidly in the offshore industry, and we have to be able to react quickly. If you have a temporary requirement, the rental option could be ideal for you because you only pay for what you need. Furthermore, no CapEx is required to realize even the largest projects. Last but not least, the rental option reduces the carbon footprint and offers a more sustainable solution.

How can you make sure that the offshore containers on the Jack-up Barge withstand the heavy movements of the hull?

The offshore containers are special offshore coated and constructed of robust and stable material. Moreover, they are re-certified annually and have NDT (non-destructive testing) at least once per 48 months.

Can you say something about the guarantee for the offshore containers on Jack-up Barges?

The scope of our warranty meets legal requirements. This can be extended by the you with maintenance contracts. We then guarantee permanent maintenance of all wear parts and replace them free of charge in case of damage.

What is the maximum rental period of an offshore container?

There is no limitation to the length of the rental period. Our offshore containers are mostly rented for a period of two to eight months. But there are also contracts with a rental period of more than one year.

How is the wastewater handled?

The disposal of wastewater is one of the biggest problems in offshore projects. To solve this problem, we can offer our 20ft ELA Offshore Wastewater Tank. This can be easily combined with all other 20ft ELA Offshore Accommodation Containers. Its capacity is approx. 5m², which is sufficient for about 25-30 days at a wastewater volume of 150 liters per day.

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