NEW - ELA Offshore Container Protection Plan for rented offshore containers and accessories


As of now, ELA Offshore offers a comprehensive protection plan for its containers and their accessories to cover the risk of:


+    Fire, including lightning strike and explosion
+    Water damage from potable water system / tap water
+    Storm & hail
+    Damage caused by natural forces  (Flooding (not offshore), Landslide, Earthquake)
+    Theft of the module and/or Burglary of furniture & furnishings
+    Vandalism (incl. Graffiti) after burglary or attempted burglary


More precise information on the ELA Offshore Container Protection Plan can be found here.


For further information, questions or inquiries, please send us an email to or call us at +49 5932 7323-500. We would be happy to provide you with an official offer including container protection!

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