ELA Container Offshore adds Offshore Cargo Carrying Units (CCU) to fleet


In a bid to expand their service offering, ELA is happy to announce that they have added a large number of offshore CCU’s to their rental fleet. Using the ELA support yards in IJmuiden, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the units are strategically located in the heart of the offshore wind supply chain and available on short notice for all our partners.


“Our main focus will remain on the offshore accommodation solutions, but we have noticed that our customers are looking for a comprehensive solution that also encompasses the supply of CCU’s. We feel it is crucial to provide our partners with a carefree service and creating a one-stop-shop solution adds tremendous value across the board“ says Hans Gatzemeier, CEO of ELA Container Offshore GmbH. “Therefore we have decided to increase our CCU fleet substantially enabling us to offer 20 ft. DNV 2.7 1 Dry Goods Containers, Half Heights and Open Top Containers, together with Offshore Tanks and bottle racks from stock.“


„The offshore market demands high responsiveness from its supply chain and typically requires immediate supply of goods or services. Using our network of partners, we are now able to bring our services to our customers along the whole European North-Sea coast, from Antwerp to Esbjerg at attractive rates” he continues.


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Phone:                  +31 646 371243
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