ELA Container Offshore, represented by CEO Hans Gatzemeier (middle), congratulates Tobias Bernhardt (left) on his 10th anniversary with ELA and Nicolas Jasken (right) on successfully completing his apprenticeship as an Industrial Management Assistant!


In 2010 Tobias Bernhardt started his apprenticeship as an Industrial Management Assistant at ELA. After successfully completing his studies, he has been active within the ELA Group after which he transferred to the newly founded offshore division in 2014. Today, he is celebrating his 10th anniversary with ELA. Tobias is currently completing a part-time bachelor's degree and looking to complete his studies at the end of this academic year.


Nicolas Jasken started his dual studies at ELA Container Offshore in 2018. He has now successfully passed the first hurdle of his course, apprenticeship as an Industrial Management Assistant, and is now continuing to focus on his bachelor's degree in business administration with alternating theoretical and practical phases.


The team of ELA Container Offshore would like to congratulate both on their achievements and thank them for their active support. We are looking forward to a continued successful cooperation with Tobias and Nicolas!

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