Delivery of nine 20 ft containers

Delivery of nine 20 ft containers including stairways and gangways

ELA Offshore has just completed the modification and delivery of a total of nine 20ft offshore accommodation modules. The units have been equipped as living quarters, offices and drying- & locker rooms to be combined with three existing modules already on deck of a Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessel. After installation, the units will form a three storey accommodation block and to ensure safe access to all modules, ELA Offshore has also supplied all staircases & gangways required.


ELA has managed to deliver the units into Flushing (Vlissingen) in the South-West of the Netherlands perfectly in time to match the customers timeframe. Due to the plug & play design, the modules will be mobilised quickly, allowing the vessel to return to servicing the windfarm without any delays.

Specialist consultant on site