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MARIKO lecture event „Offshore Accommodation“: Hans Gatzemeier talks about Mobile Offshore Container Solutions

Within the scope of the project “Offshore Hub Ems-Achse”, a special lecture event on the theme “Offshore Accommodation” will take place on Tuesday April 28th, 2015. This event was organized in collaboration with the law firm Ahlers & Vogel and the company MARIKO GmbH. Objective of this event is to provide an in-depth view into the topic living on offshore-work platforms. „We want to focus especially on ,independent living areasand ,accommodation containers. For this purpose, we invited some very specialized and competent specialists that will discuss these topics.“, says Mechtild Bode-Wübbeler, Project Manager of MARIKO GmbH.

Hans Gatzemeier, Managing Director of the ELA Container Offshore Gmbh will be one of these experts. With his many years of expertise in the field of accommodation containers, he will focus on „ Offshore Accommodation = Flexibility on Demand”. He will relate to his know-how and experience gained from the industry and past projects. „I am looking forward to the event and I am confident that all visitors will be provided with a lot of detailed information and onsite examples, from which they will benefit, especially for future projects”, says Hans Gatzemeier.

The event will take place from 9 am until 1.30 pm in the “Maritimen Kompetenzzentrum”, Bergmannstraße 36 Leer. Enrollment for this event is free, but should be send by mail to Mrs. Mechtild Bode –Wübbeler until april 22nd, 2015: mechtild.bode@mariko-leer.de