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Offshore Drying Container for "Brave Tern"

ELA Container Offshore GmbH delivered a 20 ft Offshore Drying Container to Fred. Olsen Windcarrier. The container has been installed on board of the jack-up installation vessel “Brave Tern” to dry suits, boots and gloves of the staff on board. The 20 ft ELA Offshore Drying Container is available for rent and sale. It is equipped with a Pronomar Drying System which is suitable to dry suits, boots and gloves for up to 20 people. All drying systems are made from solid stainless steel and therefore built to last. The drying systems dry the clothes from the inside out by means of a large amount of warm air entering from a powerful blower. The drying systems prolong the lifetime of the costly work outfits. From a health point of view, the amount of sick leave decreases as workers are more likely to get sick when working in wet or damp working suits. The Drying Container was delivered by ELA’s own truck to Bremerhaven and will be in use on the “Brave Tern” for at least two months. Currently, the “Brave Tern” is active on a project in the German Bight


Year of delivery


Minimum rental time

60 days

Number of containers used :18 × 20’ container

Usable space

15 m²


Jack-up installation vessel "Brave Tern", project in the German bight


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