Offshore Accommodation





Type of order

Rent, 2 months, with option to buy afterwards

Number of containers used

6 Living Quarters
2 Office Containers
4 Wastewater Tanks
16 Gangway Containers
Balancing Frames

Usable space

approx. 120 m²


Additional temporary accommodation for 12 POB

Special requirements

Wastewater tanks below containers, balancing frames, short rental period with option to buy the containers, DNV 2.7-1

ELA Container Offshore GmbH delivered two Offshore Offices as well as six Offshore Living Quarters to the Dutch company Van Oord. They will be used on Van Oord’s accommodation pontoon “Astrachan”. The “Astrachan” is 60 m long and 15 m wide and already has accommodation facilities on board. For that project, however, additional accommodation facilities were needed.

One ELA employee was on site to install the containers on the “Astrachan” including all connections such as pipes and cables. The assembled complex is two stories high with first level consisting of two Offshore Living Quarters and two Offshore Office Containers with four Wastewater Tanks attached below. The second floor consists of four Offshore Living Quarters. Moreover, 16 Gangways, 3 Small Stairs and 2 Stairways complete the structure.

Because ELA pre-assembled the containers during production in Germany, ELA was able to guarantee a quick assembly on site.

After the rental period of two months, the client decided to buy the containers to use them for future projects.

Specialist consultant on site