Temporary Offshore Accommodation




Baltic Sea

Type of order

Rent, 5 month

Number of containers used:

6 Living Quarters

2 Stairway Containers

16 Gangway Containers


extra accommodation for 12 POB

Special requirements

Single cabins, delivery at short notice, quick assembly

ELA Container Offshore delivered a two storey container complex for a supply vessel which works for an offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea.

Extra accommodation has been provided for additional twelve people on board. Stairway and Gangway Container facilitate an easy, fast and flexible system to reach the upper level. Due to the possibility of stacking the containers two levels high, only a small part of the deck space had to be reserved for the units, hence, the vessel has more capacity to transport other equipment that is needed for the project.

The ELA Offshore Living Quarters were equipped for two people per container, providing single cabins for each person. This ensures privacy and facilitates higher comfort and better recovery.

The pre-assembled containers were delivered by ELA-own trucks to the port, the customer then lifted and installed the containers on deck by himself. Thanks to the "plug and play" system, the complete installation was finished within only one day.

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