Permanent Offshore Accommodation

Dockship Blue Giant



Gulf of Mexico

Type of order


Number of containers

Container village 1 on main deck:

21 x 40´ft + 5 x 20´ft

Container village 2 on upper deck:

21 x 40´ft + 7 x 20´ft

Usable space

approx. 1410 m²


Flexible rooms for 197 workers on Dockship Blue Giant

Special Requirements

Complete Accommodation block had to be lifted on board in two lifts, special lifting beam has been constructed

ELA Container provided a complete accommodation village for a total of 197 people. The complex is divided into two "villages", each accommodated for about 98/99 people. In each village mensa, social rooms, locker rooms, sanitary facilities and sleeping rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people were provided.

The containers were build according to the client's specification using 40ft and 20ft container solutions and were approved by GL (German Lloyd). All containers were linked to one complex with integrated stairs and corridors.

The accommodation complex was build in Haren, Germany, and was assembled by ELA on board the Blue Giant in Bremerhaven, Germany. For lifting the container complex on board, only two lifts were needed, for this, a special lifting beam was constructed and provided by ELA. Due to the pre-assembly, the final installation of the units was finished within a minimum of time.

The complete design, planning, construction and installation was provided by ELA and took place within only four months.

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