MPV Daniel Bernoulli




on board Daniel Bernoulli

Type of order


Number of containers used

2 Electrical Power Units
1 Hydraulic Power Unit


Containers are needed to operate the dredge of the vessel

Special requirements

DNV 2.7-1 Certification; 20 ft dimensions due to limited space on board

ELA Container Offshore GmbH provided three custom-made 20 ft Offshore Containers for the multipurpose, DP2
Trenching and Offshore Support Vessel Daniel Bernoulli. The standard 20 ft Offshore Storage Containers were modified and furbished according to client's specification.

Two of the three containers were equipped as Electrical Power Units, the third Container was equipped as Hydraulic Power Unit.

All three Containers are 20 ft high cube containers with CSC approval and are certified according to DNV 2.7-1.

The containers are designed to operate the dredge of the vessel. Due to the 20 ft dimensions all three containers will be installed directly behind the dredge of the vessel. This excavator can transport 5100 ton of rock on a single load. The installation of these stones can take place at 600 m water depth by the means of the excavator, conveyor belt and the fall pipe. To secure installation against offshore structure e.g. jacket platforms or gravitiy bases, the rocks can be handled alternatively through an inclined fall pipe, which is also operated by the EPU and HPU Containers.

The three containers were build at the premises in Haren, Germany. The project - from contract award, container construction, installation of the special equipment and testings up to final delivery- was fulfilled within 3 months.

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